Anniemon Battle

Anniemon Battle

Click here to play the 3D update!

Anniemon Battle is a clean, appropriate, battle game, by CoolJ Games, made for PowerPoint.  If you don't have PowerPoint, but you do have Open Office, and the .ppt-.opt converter, it should work perfectly.  Use the links below to get started!


 Play Anniemon Battle Advanced

Play online for free, or download it to your computer.  If you are playing online, make sure that when the game window comes up, press F5, or click "View Slideshow"


Get More Versions (FREE!) [No Credit Required!]

Check out every released version of our game, at!  iFreddie is our rival.  They do so much more than we do, making us jealous of them!  Don't tell them, on their chat page, that we said that!!!

Read The Manual (Optional)

If you want to be sure you know how to play read the Anniemon Manual, written by our rival, iFreddie.